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Woven Steganography

Woven Steganography is a concept created initially as part of the Wales Window project, then further developed into an innovative woven art form whereby messages, names, text etc are used to create original and unique designs.

Patterns are created based on a specific text, which could be names, messages, quotations, dates, or any combination, in any language. This is then encoded into the weaving using a cypher to produce a unique textile with the message 'hidden in plain sight', the colloquial definition of a branch of cryptology called steganography.

The concept uses a weaving technique called 'name drafting' as a starting point to create a base pattern which is then manipluated by repeating, reflecting, reversing etc until a complete pattern is created which is then woven by hand. to produce wall hangings, interior products and fashion accessories, all with secret messages 'hidden in plain sight'.

This work is woven as a commission based on the client's text and can be woven as a wall hanging, cushions, scarves, placemats or tote bags. Please contact me for further details. Delivery is normally within two weeks.

This process is part of a new research project examining the role of textiles in cryptology and steganography past and present.

Contemporary woven textile design studio in Cheshire

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